Alltra Smart
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Open your gate
when the power is off!!

Ask about the "Alltra Smart"

Combined with a standard PC UPS system, the Alltra Smart can open your gate when the power goes out at 1/5 the cost of traditional battery backup systems.
V-Groove wheels with guarded carriers

Guide rollers & brackets

Gooseneck posts
(in ground and bolt down)

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  Radio transmitters and     receivers for convenient     access to your property
Stand alone keypads for inexpensive access control

Yes! We carry and service many manufacturers product lines
The Alltra Loop
The only adjustable direct bury vehicle loop
The loop adjusts to the size and shape of the trench.  No accurate digging.  Bury in any media; no conduit or splicing!
Vehicle Loop Detectors
Pneumatic Safety Edges
                   Photo Eyes

Intercoms and keyswitches


Contractors, now you can always have the right loop in                               stock - saves time and money!