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Welcome to Alltec Access Controls - 
                         Featuring Gatease Software

   The last keypad 
   you'll ever have 
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  When deciding where to locate your gate controls you need to be sure your tenants can access   
    them easily.  UL-325 says at least 6 feet from the gate.  Drive up is preferable.  With drive up
        positioning you cannot miss!  Also, do not forget to put the electrical conduits in place!
              (800) 325-4283
   e-mail: info@alltecgates.com

GatEase! - Manage your GATE with EASE!
More than a slogan - Not just a name - a concept!

  Gatease software controls your gate on your PC  -  Access your PC - access your gate!
  • Runs in the background freeing up your PC for other projects
  • No need for multiple backup routines
  • Simple operation keeps training time to a minimum
  • Interfaces with most popular management software at no extra charge
  • Unlimited unit capacity
  • Units can be assigned alphabetically or numerically
  • Three time zones
  • Gate activity log
  • Permanent unit access history file
  • Four access points
  • Eight standard keypads
Gatease II additional features:
  • Up to eight programmable access points
  • Keypad (security) zones
  • Programmable relay output times

Developed by a self storage owner/operator for self storage facilities, the Alltec Access Control system with Gatease software was designed to be simple to install and simple to use. The system will operate up to eight gates and keypads to control access to any size facility. In fact, Gatease software gives you an unlimited number of units and access codes for your facility.
E-mail us at info@alltecgates.com to request an installation overview or demo CD to show how easy installing and operating the system can be!

          Lifetime warranty that includes lightning damage!

Access codes up to eight digits long
Key locked keypads in heavy duty aluminum housings
Easy installation- expert support so you can install it yourself

AllTec! - For the best tech support
Access Codes up to eight digits long!
Do it yourself or professional installation!
Choose the right Keypad for the job!
    Flush Mount Indoors or Out!
Covered Units for 
Extreme Conditions
                   Add on Intercoms
Same Industry Leading Warranty!        Same Exceptional Support!